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Swag Quotes

I got SWAG is todays motto of the new age teens, it’s their blue jeans of the communism, it’s their long beard and hippie conduct of the 70s. As we all know teenagers feel the need to express themselves, to revolt against the society, feel like adult etc. Every generation has its own way of expressing it. Today with the extremely mobile friendly, high internet speeds and web 2.0 technologies that aid in our social live, teenagers feel the need that SWAG is needed. Starting from YOLO, abbreviation of “You Only Live Once”, or simply the Carpe Diem of the older times, teens feel the need to explore and expand their possibilities, which brings us to the point of this website. This is a collection of these Swag Quotes. Whilst it’s a great and cool way to attract people on everything that they desire, it’s also a way to make the older generations understand their needs and wants of this age.

Swag QuotesBeing a teenager is hard as it is; it’s the first time that you are confronted with the cruel world. Having a little Swag gives you that edge over the others, that number one spot on the competition of social life. Today’s world is a world of numbers, how many Facebook likes does your post have, how many twitter favourites does your account have, how many like and re-blogs does you Tumblr blog have. This is an important factor of surviving this social world. Whilst it’s not the most important, it’s there and everyone needs to be attentive about it.

Think about it. Kids are going to be kids, teenagers are going to be teenagers and adults are going to be adults. This is the only way this can work!

Commercialism works, and makes us happier; there is no way that one can stop to that. Some people confuse having SWAG with a little small concept of close mindedness. Everybody has swag on his own way. You might be a Belieber, or a punk fan. You might be an old school type of guy, with Beatles on your mind and Queen on your heart. Everybody can, this is a world of diversity and personal choices. In the end, who you like, who you follow, who are you attracted on and what you do is your personal choice and not the worlds.

This is a site about happy people, a site that puts a smile on your face and mine. We all have our problems that torment us and this is what we are doing, sharing it to the world, to make us happy. This is your close friend that does not judge you, gives you a great advice and punches you in the stomach for being a douche, this is your girlfriend or boyfriend that loves you when you are nice to him/her, and makes you suffer when you make a mistake, this is life in a nutshell!

Live your life. Chances are there for you, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Take it easy, enjoy your life, become a workaholic, quit your job, do whatever you want, in the end, it’s your life, take chances!Swag Quotes


Swag Quotes

Get your swag on with these up to date swag quotes. The best swag comes from inspired people.
“Swag is cannot be copied, and cannot be learned; swag is natural.”-Q4I
“If you don’t respect me; you will respect my hustle.”-Q4I
“The best swag is real swag.” -Q4I
“You can be hideous; but as long as you have swag you’re not doing so bad.” -Q4I
“Swag doesn’t come easy; and for some it doesn’t come at all.” -Q4I
“Real G’s love their families.” -Q4I
“When you think you know better there’s still room for education.”-Q4I
“I had to school myself, because I wanted to know more than the streets. I wanted to know the real way of the world.”-Q4I
“More stuff is great, so I stay shopping late.”-Q4
“I do more than what I have to so never expect me to underachieve.”-Q4
“I love my family, and I love my swag; but nothing is cuter than a new sparkly bag.”-Q4I
“I smile because I realize all I have.”-Q4I
“My motivation is what sets me apart; that’s what makes me original.”-Q4I
“There’s not way I’m looking back, when I’ve already had a glance of how things could be.”-Q4I
“Real swagg comes in real sizes.”-Q4I
“My swagger is untouchable; I go hard.”-Q4I
“Don’t judge me for what I don’t have; praise me for what I’m working toward.”-Q4I